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LTG Henry Doctor, USA Ret., Chairman
MG James B. Allen, Jr. USA Ret.
MG John M Brown, USA Ret.
MG James A. Grimsley, Jr., USA Ret
MG Matthew Zimmerman, USA Ret
BG Sherian Cadoria, USA Ret.
Col. James Coar, USA Ret
Col. Joseph W. Trez, Commandant of Cadets,  The Citadel                              *** Ex-Officio Members ***

Col Joseph Dawson, Jr., Commandant of Cadets, MMA

Dr. Jean Murray, Area Superintendent for District 4

Dr. Barbara D. Dilligard, Deputy Superintendent, CCSD



As an outgrowth of the senior military officers planning team which took a seed of an idea, a small pilot project and the voluntary service of a retired military man, the Military Magnet Advisory Board began it services to the school. Led by General Henry Doctor and the first members listed below, the MMA Advisory Panel, as it was first called,  met quarterly to review and advise the school administration and the central office staff of the school's progress and to ensure that the military integrity is maintained along with the academic emphasis.

The members observed classes, met with school administrators and central staff support teams, participated in the military exercises with the students while onsite and attended the annual summer camp for the new enrollees. They provided examples for the students and the MMA family as men and women of valor and professional achievement expected from the leaders of the 21st century.

Recently, the Military Magnet Advisory Board was reorganized under new leadership to continue its original purpose. Major General Abraham Turner is the current chairman. The board meets quarterly and as needed to provide the support necessary to encourage and enhance the success of MMA.


Military Magnet Academy Advisory Board

MG Abraham Turner, US Army, Chairman
MG Henry Sieling, US Army
RADM David Shimp, US Navy                                      COL  Joseph Dawson, Jr., US Army/SC State Guard
DOL Carroll Lucas, US Army
LTC. Stacy Alberico, US Air Force
CSM David Pelletier, US Army/SC State Guard
LTC Sarah Williams, US Army
Ret. Major Anderson Townsend, US Army
      Principal, MMA, Ex-Officio Member
 Dr. Barbara Dilligard, Consultant



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