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Military Magnet Academy Foundation, Inc.

During our more than 16 years, the MMA Foundation has provided many services and financial support to the cadets, faculty and administration of MMA.  The following is a brief summary of these services:

1.      Uniforms for 6th grade cadets who could not afford them

2.      Establishment of an Endowment Fund for long term financing of services and support

3.      Fuel and driver for trnsportation of cadets to parades and visits to college campuses

4.      Insignia, ribbons and badges for regiment cadets

5.      Band instruments for cadets

6.      Trailers to transport cadet instruments to parades

7.      Decorations for the Annual Military Ball

8.      Tuition and books for cadets to take college courses

9.      Flowers to present to cadet mothers on Mother's Day

10.    Provide uniforms for cadet culinary arts program

11.    Awards for teacher and principal recognition

12.    Support the leadership retreat for seniors on the carrier Yorktown

13.     Uniforms to support athletic teams

14.     Gifts for all middle school cadets at Christmas

15.     Awards for student recognition

‚Äč16.     Scholarships

17.     Awards for special achievement

18.     Support for parenting training

We are currently developing plans and starting a fundraising campaign for a Cadet Confidence Course 

Support for MMA